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“Good, great, and very welcomed.”
“It's great! Helps save on money. I can't wait until we can all get together again. It's a wonderful time to get together and socialize.” 
“Gives me a chance to see other people I might not be able to see, and the meal is always appreciated – thanks!”
“Very helpful when getting home and there are meals for my husband and I.  I also love to help out - thank you!”
“I'm a homeless disabled senior. ReFuel provides:
1. One of a very few free resources, in our community, to look forward to.
2. A place of respite to relax out of the heat/cold.
3. Friendly/kind organizations that sponsor the meal, who always treat all who come as equals.
4. A balanced hot meal to enjoy after eating nothing but cold food all week.
5. Socialization with various members of our community, whether we're inside or standing in line. I have met, and added, amazing friends into my inner circle! 
I made a point of thanking all the volunteers at the end of my meal.  This is a Huge THANK YOU!! to all who are behind the scenes that we don't see.”
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