Corporate Structure

ReFuel Washougal is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Kitchen Facilitator

This position helps facilitate volunteer teams that are providing a meal at ReFuel Washougal.  As a facilitator, your role is not to “be in charge”, but rather to be a resource to the Volunteer Teams “Person in Charge” and serve as the Meals On Wheels People Representative to ensure that Volunteer Teams are following proper practices in the preparation and serving the ReFuel Meal.

Kitchen Coordinator

This position schedules and coordinates the Kitchen Facilitator and maintains ReFuel supplies. 

Volunteer Coordinator

This position keeps the ReFuel weekly serving schedule and is the point of contact for individuals and organizations wanting to volunteer service at the weekly ReFuel meal. 

ReFuel serves weekly dinners at the Washougal Community Center

1681 C St

Washougal, WA


PO Box 141 Washougal, Washington