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Volunteer Opportunities

 ReFuel operates entirely on the generosity of volunteers 

Contact us to get involved!

Kitchen Facilitator

Now seeking volunteers!

Reports to
Kitchen Coordinator

Assist Group's PIC at weekly meals

Answer questions for PIC

Provide guidance at meals

Ensure compliance with health regulations

Meal stats

Group PIC

Now seeking volunteers!

Informes a
Coordinador de Cocina

Possess food handler's card

Recruit volunteers to serve as a Group

Lead volunteers to serve and prep meal

Comply with ReFuel guidelines

Submit for meal reimbursement

Clean up kitchen and secure building

Meal Volunteer

Now seeking volunteers!

Reports to
Group PIC

Serve meals with a Group ♦

Clean up

 ♦ Interested in being a Meal Volunteer without a group? 

Contact us for information 

Are you part of a Group that would like to serve a meal? 

Contact us to get on the schedule

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